PL/I to Cobol Conversion

* Automatic conversion process for business management systems

There are some features which do not translate automatically. For most decent PL/I programs the resulted Cobol code is ready to install and for test runs. However, this depends much on the programming standards and PL/I programmiong style used. This could be easily checked and verified by test conversions of some typical programs of the system at hand.

* All standard file types are supported including stream I/O

* PL/I include files are translated as Cobol copybooks. Which copybooks are expanded in the code and which are left unexpanded, can be defined by customer options.

* Embedded SQL and command level CICS code is adjusted for Cobol precompilers

* Formatting options to clarify the resulted Cobol code

* Reserved Cobol words checking and adjusting by parameters

* Please, ask for more details.